Maya Hayes
MPH, Certified Nutrition Educator
  1. In Home Support
    During a weekly visit (or a FaceTime chat) we will discuss what did and didn't work for you that week. We will also record your weight and measurements and review nutrition labels - all based on what you are specifically hoping to achieve. Additional support is available in the form of phone calls, FaceTime, emails and texts.
  2. Meal Planning
    Together we will figure out your goals and best plan of action. We will make decisions on your meal plan based on those goals and I will give you recipes, suggestions and an evaluation of your current diet. Tracking your food is an important piece of lifestyle change, so I will guide you on best ways to do that and check your food journal on a weekly basis.
  3. Pricing
    My pricing is dependent on the services you choose and how often we meet. General individual pricing is in the $200-300/month range - with groups starting at $300-350; please contact me for details and more information!
  4. Additional Services
    -Employee Wellness -Grocery Store Tours -Personalized Meal Planning -Extra Phone and Email Support -Workout Buddy -Consulting and Workshops -And more!
  5. Groups
    Do you have 3 or 4 friends that have similar goals? I love working with groups - for a reduced rate we can pick one day or night a week to meet as a group in a location of your choice. If needed, I can also provide one-on-one support to group members in person or on the phone.